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1 [READ FIRST] How To Ask Good on Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:24 pm


Have you ever asked in a forum, but not answered by anyone? Or maybe even something you tease?

Do not
shocked, the way you ask can greatly affect the response you'll get. If the way you are correct, then in the same forum may actually be people like a stampeding each other to help you.

you just need to put yourself in their shoes (the members
other boards), and think, about what kind of questions I
will gladly answer?

Members forum assist each other without payment.
By contrast, it was their sacrifice of time and thought to
help you.

Make them feel moved to answer your question, by performing the following steps.

1. Preparation before asking

  • a. Try to read again the READ ME that accompanies each file is okay
  • b. Try finding the answer by searching first on the Internet (via Google, etc.)
  • c. Try find the answer in the thread archive file (if the answer already exists in the archives, sometimes people will become annoyed with Your question)
  • d. And so in essence, do not forget show that you've been trying to solve problems. because if you don't include evidence of your efforts, then others tend to see you as lazy and not feel inspired to help you.
  • e. find out where the right to You are asking questions. Questions about the patch will tends to be ignored, or even will invite criticism, if you post about editing.
  • f. Cross-posting (posting the question to many subforum as well) tend to make people lazy to answer your question ("ah, the forum-so who would answer").

2. When asked
- Do not ask directly to the individual / PM. Asking questions to the forum is better, because:

  • a. The answer to your question is so can be useful to many people
  • b. The answer to your question will usually be stored in archives forum, which will continue to be useful for others (appear in Google search results, etc.)
  • c. The points above the incentive for experts in the forum to answer your questions
  • d. Forum members can work together to help answer your questions
  • e. And, emails sent directly from someone who does not known tends to make the recipients to become felt disturbed.

- Frequently check the thread was you created

do is have the attitude HIT AND RUN, experts do not already answered but you bobbed, you consequently will have an adverse effect on the forum because of this attitude.
your thread don't because no one answered
within less than an hour, then left the your thread.
your online time and sometimes different other members

3. How to ask good
a. Use the word / tag following if you need help

- Ask
- Please
- Discussion
- Help
- Ask / WTB (Want To Ask)
- Ask / request

b. Use polite language

If you use harsh words, is a strange thing
if then you are surprised when no one answered your question
Use words such as "Does anyone can help me?", "Thank you very much in advance", etc..
Remember that the experts did not receive payment for
help you, so at least do not forget to thank them.

c. Do not assume that you are entitled to answers.

Remember KEY FACTS.
Because if you have to assume this, then you will be disappointed in yourself when your question is not answered, and instead of trying to introspect why there is no answer you may be inclined to
angry-angry at the forum and increasingly ignored by the other attendees
(Subject to verbal abuse or behind).

d. Give appropriate and descriptive title.

Thread title like "HELPPPP !!!!" will tend
ignored, because it gives the impression that you're too lazy to even just simply give the appropriate thread title.
Thread title like "Computer restarts itself after installing Service Pack 3" will
have the chance to be answered is greater.

e. Please describe your problem in detail along with a variety of existing data.

REMEMBER that the experts at the forum can not access your computer, so they just post the source of information from you only. Then make the post as complete and detailed as possible.

f. Make your thread informative and not at length the origin

In connection with the above points, attach the data is irrelevant so that makes you a very long thread instead it will makes the experts feel reluctant to answer your questions.
("Gosh already open thread after a long time he was content just
like this "eventually just became junk place)

g. Write your question with a correct Language.

Writing questions that will give the impression that chaotic you are careless people, and experts are busy would be reluctant to spend time for you

h. Do not directly claim that the blame lies with other parties.

Sentences such as "there is a bug in the accounting program is" without any evidence
strong will tend to make the program makers (which obviously
is the expert) to be not interested to answer your question, or even offended.
Simply tell it that you find a problem in the program, do not make claims
You can not prove.

i. Explain and describe the problem, not your guesses

If you are not an expert in that field, then most likely you guess wrong, and even show your own ignorance in public.

j. Make a conclusion after the problems you missed

After your questions answered / resolved your problem, please reply to your thread that reveal what is being done to solve the problem.
This will increase your next possible answer questions in the forum, because
forum experts will assess that you can also give back (and
not just ask) and they generally appreciate this.

4. Responding to answers
that solve problems you would need at least rewarded
with gratitude. But what about the answer:


Reply form of a word RTFM (Read The Fine Manual, sometimes
often spoofed to Read The Fu ** ing Manual) or STFW (Search the Fine Web) means that you have made a fatal mistake in fact the answer is already in the product documentation (RTFM),
or on the Internet (STFW) Do not be offended, because these facts (you
ethical wrongdoing.)

2. If someone has replied with a rude, so be it.

Because you think you rough, sometimes it is usual in the forum. Or there are strong reasons why such a reply. or maybe you are emotional, so it feels rough to reply
your thread . and others . which wiser possibilities are
calm yourself, and then answers it with the chief replies
cold. Do not be emotional, to convey data and facts alone.

If the answer you received is not pleasing to you, do not be offended and angry because:

1. Chances are you'll say things that embarrass you
itself, whereas most forums and mailing lists archived on the Internet., and can be viewed by the entire population of the world.
Your actions many years ago to shame you for years afterward.

2. Experts in the forum will remember you as a person who does not deserve to be assisted in future

your better is your own self-introspection, whether there is
ethics question you have broken? Please read more
these instructions carefully.

If it feels you have enough
be careful and try, but is still cursed, meaning it
the forum is not the proper forum. But do not reply, because you
itself which will be subject to sap. Simply search for any other forum.

5. If no one answers your question
a. No offense

Perhaps it is no one knows the answer.
No one knows the answer does not mean you are ignored,
although it is difficult to distinguish (because of the nature of communication
Faceless electronic)

b. Do not re-post your question

The experts at the forum, which assumes that the coincidence
nobody knows the answer to your problem, would feel upset
("This guy really fussy")
Instead, look for the answer in another forum.

6. Examples of good questions and the wrong
One: Where can I find such and such a program? (Yes on Google, stupid)
I am looking for such and such program on Google, but no relevant /
precisely meet the sites about such and such product. Is there anything
helped show me the information about how to use
X facilities in the program-so it?

Wrong: How to install Linux? (RTFM!!)Good:

7. If there are facilities FAQ on your board, do not forget to document the questions that often arise there.

The prospective pen helped because the answer can be obtained by
fast, and you yourself will also be helped because the volume of questions
be reduced.

So we put these guidelines, may be useful to all users Your-art.
Very Happy
Regard : Ezio

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2 Re: [READ FIRST] How To Ask Good on Sat Apr 16, 2011 7:54 pm

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okay ! i understand ! Very Happy

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To avoid comment or junk, then it's my thread closed Very Happy

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